Domaine Nico takes its name from Laura’s daughter, Nicola, which in turn pays tribute to Laura’s great-grandfather, Nicola Catena, founder of Catena Zapata winery in 1902. Excellence at every stage of the winemaking process.

With a passion for viticulture and an unwavering dedication to quality, Laura has propelled Domaine Nico to new heights. As a medical professional, she has also applied her scientific expertise to the winemaking process, using innovative techniques to cultivate grapes and produce wines that stand out for their flavor and quality.

Among the standout wines from Domaine Nico is “Le Paradis,” one of the most popular and emblematic Pinot Noirs available in the Argentine market. Domaine Nico is produced from carefully hand-selected grapes grown in the highest vineyards of the Gualtallary Alto region. This privileged location allows the grapes to receive the ideal amount of sunlight and temperature to develop an intense and balanced flavor.

A world-renowned winery, whose excellence in producing fine wines is the result of decades of hard work, passion, and dedication. Thanks to the vision and leadership of their winemaker, Roy Urvieta, who began studying the behavior of different Pinot Noir clones and recording the quality of each vineyard plot. In 2016, Roy started his Ph.D. in Agronomy at the University of Buenos Aires with a focus on Sensory Sciences. Currently, Roy is working with Laura Catena to create authentic and elegant high-altitude Argentine Pinot Noir with increasingly higher standards.

The winery continues to be a benchmark in the production of high-quality Pinot Noir, being one of the most outstanding, thanks to the meticulous winemaking process and the cultivation and selection of grapes from the highest vineyards in the region.