Around the year 2000… Laura discovered in different areas of Mendoza these producers who had been diligently working their vineyards with astonishing results for years. Our first encounter with some of these producers was at the vine grower’s outpost or “producer’s tavern,” where they would drink wine and passionately discuss their soils, vines, and their relentless quest to improve the quality of their grapes for hours on end.

Since that moment, we have admired their hard work and their ability to tend to the vineyard. That’s why we wanted to pay tribute to them by crafting wines from their unique vineyards. Since its inception, La Posta Vineyards has focused on producing high-quality wines from small vineyards throughout Mendoza, with an emphasis on the Uco Valley. The winery’s wines have received numerous awards and accolades, contributing to its growing reputation in the industry.

The winery’s commitment to quality extends beyond its own operations. La Posta Vineyards works with a network of small local producers, allowing them to source high-quality grapes from a variety of different vineyards. The winery also collaborates with these producers to ensure sustainable practices are followed in grape cultivation.

La Posta Vineyards is a winery that has built a strong reputation in the wine industry through its focus on quality and its commitment to the traditions of family producers in the Mendoza region. The collaboration and dedication to a network of small local producers have allowed the winery to source high-quality grapes from a variety of different vineyards, further contributing to its success.

“The true heroes of La Posta are its producers” – Laura Catena.