Led by Laura Catena, they have the distinction of representing remote wine regions of Argentina, including La Patagonia, Salta, Mendoza, and La Rioja. Through their wide range of wines, Altaland and Pasarisa seek to showcase the diverse history, culture, and wine styles that characterize these origin regions.

With innovative winemaking and a commitment to quality, the winery stands out as a benchmark in the Argentine wine market and on the international stage. The company’s vision to explore and highlight Argentina’s remote regions translates into a range of complex and refined wines that reflect the richness of their terroir and cultural diversity through the knowledge of each region in every bottle produced.

The winery has succeeded in creating high-quality wines that are distinguished by their uniqueness and authenticity. It maintains a constant focus on improving production and offering unique tasting experiences that allow consumers to explore and appreciate the richness of Argentine wines.