Antinori Winery is a prestigious wine estate located in the wine region of Tuscany, Italy, with a rich history dating back over six centuries. Founded in 1385, it has been owned and operated by the same family ever since, becoming a global benchmark for quality and excellence in winemaking.

Antinori has been a pioneer in crafting quality wines in the Chianti region, experimenting with different grape varieties and winemaking techniques to produce high-quality wines with distinctive character. The winery has achieved a perfect balance of tradition and innovation, with a long-term vision that has kept them at the forefront of wine production.

The quality of Antinori‘s wines is internationally recognized, thanks to carefully selected cultivation and winemaking techniques and a steadfast dedication to excellence. Their most renowned wine is Solaia, a red wine from the Chianti region that has been described as one of the world’s finest wines.

Antinori‘s vineyards are located in the hills of Tuscany, in a region known for its Mediterranean climate and mineral-rich soil. The winery is situated in the town of Bargino, near the city of Florence, and features modern and sustainable facilities that reflect the company’s philosophy of preserving and respecting the environment.

Every vintage, every terroir, and every idea is a new beginning, a fresh pursuit of ever-higher quality standards. As Marquess Piero likes to say, “ancient roots play an important role in our philosophy, but they have never inhibited our innovative spirit.” With a long and distinguished history, a reputation for exceptional quality, and a focus on innovation and sustainability, Antinori remains at the forefront of high-quality wine production and a leader worldwide.