LUCA Wines, with its rich winemaking history, has been a cornerstone in the production of high-quality wines in Argentina. The distinguished winery has been recognized for its excellence in crafting wines that capture the uniqueness of the Argentine terroir and the skill of its team led by Laura Catena. A philosophy that focuses on producing wines from small plots and limited harvests, allowing them to concentrate on the quality and uniqueness of each produced wine. This philosophy has translated into a series of world-renowned wines.

Laura Catena has been the driving force behind LUCA winery, taking her family’s winemaking tradition to new heights. With a focus on innovation and quality, she has been an advocate for Argentina’s winemaking heritage and has helped establish the country as a producer of world-class wines, with her wines repeatedly chosen as “Best Wine of Argentina” and among the world’s best Malbecs, earning a place among the top 20 in globally recognized rankings such as “Wine Spectator Top 100″ for their LUCA Old Vine Malbec.

Among the most outstanding is “Nico By Luca,” which stands out for its exceptional complexity, depth, and richness, showcasing the winery’s technical and artistic mastery in producing highly sophisticated wines. With a careful selection of grapes from the best vineyard plots in the region, this wine delicately expresses the terroir’s uniqueness, offering notes of ripe red fruits and sweet spices, enriched with high-quality French oak touches.

Its intensity and concentration are perfectly balanced with elegance and structure, resulting in a remarkably harmonious and refined sensory experience. The fine texture of the tannins and balanced acidity, combined with prolonged persistence and sophisticated aromatic complexity, make Nico By Luca a wine of the highest quality, capable of satisfying the most discerning palates. Perfect balance and refinement, a product of excellence in winemaking and selection of the finest components.