From one of Argentina’s most emblematic wineries, located in the wine region of Mendoza. Founded in 1902 by the Catena family, it has distinguished itself through its focus on producing high-quality wines and has been a pioneer in exploring new wine-growing areas in the country. One of the winery’s standout wines is the Nicola Catena – Bonarda, made from grapes of the Bonarda variety, originally from Italy and adopted in Argentina as one of the region’s emblematic grapes.

“Nicola Catena-Bonarda” stands out for its deep and brilliant color, with aromas of ripe red fruits and spicy notes. On the palate, it is a medium-bodied wine with silky tannins and balanced acidity that provides a pleasant freshness. It has a long and lingering finish, leaving memories of fruits and spices on the palate.

The winery has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, implementing measures to reduce its environmental impact and improve working conditions for its employees. Furthermore, it has been a pioneer in implementing innovative winemaking techniques, such as the use of French oak barrels and the exploration of new cultivation areas for the most notable grape varieties.

Catena-Zapata is a leader in the production of high-quality wines in Argentina, and the Nicola Catena-Bonarda is one of its standout wines. The winery’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, along with its ability to innovate and produce exceptional wines, make it a benchmark in the Argentine wine industry and internationally.